I Agree With The Citrix License Agreement

Right to language review in end-user license agreement (EULA), end-user service agreement (EEA) and cloud service level agreement (SLA): (total number of users) – (number of users, the total number of purchase licenses of Citrix and its agent protects the confidential information received during the execution of the examination using the same degree of diligence used by Citrix to protect its own information. however, no less than a degree of due diligence to prevent their unauthorized use, disclosure, dissemination or publication. Citrix and its representative are not required to respect the confidentiality of information (i) that they obtained legally from a third party prior to the examination; (ii) passing them on to third parties without any obligation of secrecy; or (iii) regardless of Citrix or its agent. You agree not to require further confidentiality or confidentiality agreements from Citrix or its designated external agents with respect to the review. Citrix Virtual Desktop (formerly XenDesktop) The license coating function is specific to the user or device models and provides a limited number of additional user licenses to support temporary demand spikes. All overdraft licenses used must be acquired within 30 days of first use. Citrix reserves the right to remove the collection functions in new versions of the product. Program Simplicity sign up once for a single, simple online agreement that covers all legitimate Citrix products to simplify sourcing in your business now and in the future. If customers of the same product line update from one edition to another, they are no longer entitled to previous editions. An upgrade is when they move from one edition to another, and a trade-up is when a customer exchanges an old standalone product for a new product and/or package. Please see the “Grace Period” section under the “Product Models and On-site Licensing” tab. Upgrades and migrations must be completed within 90 days of the NEW LICENCES receipt and all changes must be approved by Citrix Legal.

A license is issued from your installed licenses to allow access to your Citrix Virtual Desktop environment (formerly XenDesktop).