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Suppose the lender is Ameriquest Mortgage Co. We know the name of the pool where the owner`s mortgage landed, but we know that the mortgage was made on June 1, 2002. Uh, I remember designing my first pooling and service contract. Not exactly what I had in mind when I went to law school…. Good morning! The quick question, which is totally excluded. Do you know how to make your mobile site user-friendly? My blog looks weird when I surf from my iPhone. There is no doubt that the trust`s pooling and service agreement does not provide the trust with an enforceable interest in debt Someone searched the Sec for mortgages securitized by Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.? I`m trying to find his Structured Assets Securities Corp. for the 1999-RM1 series, but not to find much. We did it in private, but wasn`t it someone who did it? Thank you.

I am so impressed with what some of you have done and by the owner of this site. 98152QAAO CUSIP WORLD SAVINGS REMIC 31, I can`t find the PSA agreement. All advice, went to the IRS website and dry. Look for breaks in the cover chain. I was new to everything, I read about pooling and service, and I came. They`re trying to close my house. I asked for an emergency call, and the lawyer says I am not allowed. have a trial version in the next few days, you don`t know what to do. I tried to follow the instructions above, but I couldn`t find my information.

My bank is Wells Fargo and the loan was closed on April 24, 2009. I live in a non-judicial state. You`re accusing my case of poor service. Can someone help me? The need to find the pool and the service agreement is the name of the original lender and the title of the loan pool. Let`s make an example below. I am learning all this information now and passing it on to others. It`s unbelievable! I tried to look for EDGAR, but my author was American Brokers Conduit, who then sold the first to JPM four months later and the second to Citi. Citi loaded the second one, and JPM is playing me on the mod.

They explain that they own the note, but the mod refusal says they use it and it is owned by a private investor. You will try to isolate yourself, and I need ammunition. I found my Citi loan on MERS, but I can`t follow JPM. Nor is it govt supported… Any suggestions? what would happen if, when it was created, you were told that your loan should be held as a house or a portfolio loan (June 1997) and not sold… This company no longer exists… then a few years (2002) later, he appeared on an attempt to seize by bankers Trust Co of Ca, N.A. (did not the German bought what was left of BT??? before that time?) as an agent as part of the pooling and service agreement through ICIFC Secured Assers Corp, Mortgage Pass through Certificates, series 1997-3 (later released unscathed) according to records in Clerk`s office… however, the complaint only stated that Bankers Trust Company as trustee of Residential Funding Corporation Attorney In Fact…

it was the appendix allocation of the mortgage (non-mortgage and note) that was stamped with the above information from ICIFC, etc. the same people who took out the mortgage at Bankers T.