Rental Agreement Lawyer Chicago

Here are some questions you can ask a landlord and a tenant lawyer to help you determine if you want them to represent you: “I needed to be represented in a case with my landlord, who is also a lawyer. I met Charles in person, I told him about my case and what he did with it. Charles mentioned that he was worthy of a case, and he wasn`t “worried” that my ” plus” “Joan was really great” – after I was told by a few lawyers, I had no case, Joan was tenacious and creative in understanding what tools we could use. Joan finally helped me earn a good amount of money and always made sure to keep the business moving. It`s wonderful to work.¬†“Jake” To be honest, when it comes to finding a real estate lawyer, I had no idea where to start or talk to. I googled real estate lawyers and ranjha Law Group exploded…¬†more “Joan Fenstermaker has been of great help in my ownership dispute. She helped me get my bail back quickly and on time, and was very communicative (which was perfect for me, given the anxiety I had of needing a lawyer for the first time in my life). She was regularly over phone, text or email for any problems or questions I had, and the whole process went smoothly with her at the top. I am eternally grateful to him for his help! ” – Chicago`s megan residents are governed by the Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (RLTO). There are other laws to protect tenants throughout Illinois.In chicago landlords are legally required to add a summary of your RLTO rights to your rental agreement. “We were referred to Joan by a colleague, and within hours of our first call with her, we had information that the law had been broken, and in our case, we were rewarded with 15k in 2 months. Joan knew the details of our case any minute, and we agree that Joan is one of the best lawyers we have ever met.

If your lawyer is focused and cares like Joan, this is clear in the outcome of your case. We never have enough expertise and professionalism, which led to a quick agreement on our lease. Our owner thought they could take advantage of good paying people who didn`t want to press charges, we are so grateful to have done so.