Service Level Agreement Staffing

As I said, it depends on your business goals. If you accept general calls from after-sales service, ASA may work well. If you have an Elite line for Premium members, you can use two SL metrics. A primary metric of 90/10 and a secondary metric of 99/300. This means that 90% of calls will be answered in 10 seconds and 99% of all calls in 5 minutes. This means that your general staffing model takes care of most calls, but the secondary metric measures how much you ensure that only 1% will wait a long time. In dirty call centers, the abandonment rate tends to be a better indicator than SL or ASA. The reason for this is that the goal is to get as many opportunities as possible to get a sale. It`s more important to know what percentage of callers can spend than how long they wait. In general, there are also fewer existing relationships that are managed than in a customer call center.

Finding a way to actually build a staff model on a dropout rate can be a challenge. One method to do this is to see how the dropout rate correlates to SL and then with collaborators to that SL. This should be re-evaluated a few times a year to see if the relationship changes. Service level agreements can range from simple one-pagers with general statements to detailed documents covering many aspects of the recruitment process. Sullivan said the basics of an SLA can include in advance defining the goals and business implications of the process and defining the role of each party. Another proven method that in my experience works well, is to work with someone in the company, while creating them to make sure they meet their needs. If you present this to your management in partnership with operational activities, you will improve the chances that the agreement will be accepted. You can use a “refined” ASA, SL, or Abort rate. What does that mean? Well, that means you`re filtering out some calls that you don`t want to include. The metric is not pure and tells a slightly different story.

An example is removing your SL metric and removing all calls that didn`t wait for the full threshold….