The Four Agreements Book On Tape

I love this audiobook, a short listening that changes my life, I could go as far as it saved my life. Thank you from the whole heart. I was looking for a book that could open my mind to new thoughts and perspectives after reading Dan Millman`s amazing The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. It is sad to say that there are very few books that can really change your life, despite the bold assertions of many, but this path and the path of the peaceful warrior (at least for me) mentioned above has really contributed to a remarkable change in my life. If they find out that you spend your days thinking, “It has to be more to live than that, then you`re right!” And these two books could help you see this opportunity. I would recommend this book to anyone involved in depression, trust or dissatisfaction in life. I often listen to this book. The lessons, even if they are simple in concept, are profound. Enjoy x I`ve been on the path to spiritual awakening for 25 years, and I wish I had stumbled upon this book at the beginning of my journey! Now it`s a perfect summary of what I`ve discovered myself over the years, wrapped in a beautiful mystical story, the toltec way of looking at it. I cannot recommend this book enough to all those who are looking for a way to live a happy life, to be freed from the fog of beliefs and other effects of our domestication. The four chords are simple, but difficult enough to fit every moment of our lives, hence the importance of the fourth.

I`m going to keep this book at the head of my favorite books for a long time and I`m definitely going to reread it to make it even more wise. I was a little skeptical, but I really enjoyed hearing this audiobook. There is no particular religious bias towards doctrine, but it was interesting and quite sensible. It is an audiobook that I will hear one day. I read a lot of mutual aid, spiritual books, books related to motivation, but this book allowed me to see how I lived my life through the eyes of judgment, self-arroganence and iron convictions that I never really confirmed their validity – they were given to me by my parents/teachers/Church/Church/Community/Culture, and so I made an agreement. A real domesticated person. A prisoner of my own convictions and convictions. Thank you for opening my eyes to a different perspective. And I say to all my friends and family of these four agreements — that it`s going to change their outlook on life as much as it`s changed mine. I loved that audiobook. It has a huge impact on my relationship with my spouse, my children and so much of my community. It gave me an enthusiasm for life and happiness.

Peter has a soft voice. Don has wonderful wisdom. It`s the direct answer to all my torment. It`s like he`s talking to me and giving me guidance on my particular situation with my surroundings. I felt resentment, anger at the rude and reckless behaviour of my family and friends. It may not be easy, but I will really change the situation and be immune to his behavior using this technique. I hear it over and over again, until my heart reaches the happiness told at the end of the book. Listening also makes a difference as a reading. For me, this misses my filtering and the direction of the mind, and my subliminic consciousness acts and my heart changes.

Thank you Miguel, Peter and Audible.) When we see that it is our chords that dominate our lives, and that we do not love the dream of our lives, we must change the chords. When we are finally ready to change our agreements, there will be four very powerful agreements that will help us break the agreements that come from fear and exhaust our energy. This book is a bit “woo woo”, not bashing at all, but I could see how hard parts of it are to get through for someone who is not in trouble. The basis of the four agreements is strong and so important. Beyond the new old woo woo tone of the book are four tenants who are so important and important to succeed personally and professionally.