Twilio License Agreement

Twilio has implemented a Bug Bounty program available on that allows researchers to report design and implementation problems or possible flaws. This applies to all claims of any legal theory, unless the claim corresponds to one of the exceptions listed below in section 18.2 (Exceptions to the arbitration agreement). It also applies when you no longer use or have your customer account. If we have a dispute over whether this conciliation agreement can be applied or whether it applies to our litigation, we all agree that the arbitrator will decide as well. Unless stipulated in Section 3, point b), you agree not to transfer, resell, sell, sell, concede, concede, conced, concede or, otherwise, not to provide Twilio services independently, or to offer them independently; Under these terms of use, “we,” “our” or “Twilio,” refer to Twilio Inc., 375 Beale Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94105 and the terms “you,” “your” and “customer,” will refer to you. In order to sign up for a Twilio account to use Twilio services, you must verify these conditions and accept them by clicking on the “I accept” or “First Step” button or any other mechanism provided. If you sign up for a Twilio account to use Twilio services on behalf of an organization, you agree to these conditions for that organization and you promise Twilio that you are entitled to linked that organization under these conditions (and in this case, the terms “you” and “your” or “customer” refer to that organization). An exception is granted where this organization has a separate written agreement with Twilio on the use of Twilio services, in which case this agreement regulates this use. 17.6 Indications. Any notification required or admissible is communicated in writing to the Party at the address indicated in this Contract by personal service, authenticated mail, returned accused, night delivery by a nationally recognized forwarder or by e-mail.

Billing communications addressed to the customer are addressed to the corresponding billing contact indicated by the customer in his account. Communications to Twilio are copied to, Attn: General Counsel. (a) Except as provided in Section 4 (Access and Use of Our Services), you agree not to transfer, resell, transfer, transfer, concede, concede, or other services to third parties or offer them to third parties. (b) You will not attempt to use our services to access emergency services or grant them access to emergency services, unless you do so in accordance with the terms and conditions of Twilio Inc. 911 – and they agree. (c) You will ensure that our services are used in accordance with all applicable third-party laws and rights, as well as these conditions and the Twilio AUP in the current version. (d) You ensure that we are entitled to use your customer data, including the content of communications, where necessary for the provision of our Services, and that we do not use our services in a manner contrary to applicable legislation. (e) To the extent that the law is not authorized, you will not redevel, decompile, decompilate or otherwise create the source code of the software provided in conjunction with our Services, you will not attempt to create or deduce it, or to authorize or support others. (f) If you have acquired a short code, you will not change the use of this short code for use indicated in your application to the carrier, without first receiving a change to your application, or re-applying for short code authorization from the carrier under new use. (g) We reserve the right to retrieve each phone number from your account and return it to the corresponding numbering plan if you do not send enough traffic via that phone number, so that the phone number is underutilized or unbalanced, as defined by any local, federal and/or national regulatory authority and/or government organization that oversees the phone number and the numbering plan.