Warranty Agreement In Italiano

a. Evaluation products. If the corresponding order indicates that the software is provided under a free evaluation license or trial license, Nozomi Networks will grant the End User a non-exclusive, global, non-transferable, non-sub-conceded license for the applicable duration, to install and use the evaluation software within the conceded capacity and only at the location identified in writing by the end user and only for the internal evaluation of the end user. Without prejudice to the contrary provisions of this contract, Nozomi Networks does not offer any maintenance and assistance, warranty or compensation with respect to evaluation software. The end user may not grant employees, contractors, agents or consultants related to obligations of confidentiality and non-use less protection of Nozomi Networks` property rights than this agreement. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions set out in this agreement, all global rights, titles and interests on the valuation product and all intellectual property rights over and over them are and will remain the exclusive property of Nozomi Networks. 10. Authorization. The customer ensures and guarantees that the customer, in accordance with all applicable data protection and data protection provisions (“data protection policy”) and all applicable written or verbal contracts, agreements, obligations, directives or other obligations or insurance, transfer to Nozomi all personally identifiable information as far as necessary or relevant under the contracts. , including the transfer of such data from the European Union to the United States and vice versa obtain from a person, a labour organization, a government agency or another third party without further authorization or authorization (explicit, explicit or implied) and without taking further action prior to such transfer.

The client must exempt Nozomi from any damage or expense (including legal and legal fees) and keep him free of charge in the event of a client`s violation or other violation of these provisions or data rules. Nozomi uses this personal data exclusively to fulfill its obligations under the agreement. Nozomi Networks and its partners do not provide backup services for end-user data, and if end-user subscription service usage ends for any reason, Nozomi Networks and its partners may, without notice, remove or deny the End User access to content or metadata that may remain in their possession or control. In addition, the end user agrees that if the end user uses the subscription services at the sole control of Nozomi Networks and its partners in a manner contrary to laws, rules or regulations, or to an excessive burden or potential negative effects on the systems, company or customers of its partners, partners or suppliers, Nozomi Networks, partners or suppliers. , suspends or terminates without notice or liability to the end user.