Western District Of Washington Model Esi Agreement

should be used. The East District of Texas has a useful EsI model for patent litigation. See E.D. Tex. [Model] Ordinance on Electronic Discovery in Patent Cases (2014). This order limits the plaintiff to eight email custodians. Id. at p. 4. The standard order also limits the number of search terms per custodian bank to 10. While the parties` agreement may alter these standard conditions, the District Court`s approval of this more limited discovery gives leverage to parties seeking appropriate communication limits.

Western District of Tennessee Local Rules: Civil Local Rule 26.1 Discovery in Civil Cases Appendix G LR 16.2 Track 3 (Expedited) Scheduling Order Appendix H LR 16.2 Track 4 (Standard) Scheduling Order Appendix I LR 16.2 Track 5 (Complex) Scheduling Order Southern District of Texas Local Rules of Practice for Patent Cases Rule 2-1. .