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This extension of national jurisdiction determines which laws apply to activities on elements of a partner`s space station (e.B. European law in the European Columbus laboratory). This legal system recognises the jurisdiction of the courts of the partner States and allows for the application of national legislation in areas such as criminal matters, liability issues and the protection of intellectual property rights. Any jurisdictional conflicts between partners can be resolved by applying other rules and procedures that have already been developed domestic and internationally. A fourth legal level of agreements implements and complements the four memoranda of understanding. Among them is the ISS Code of Conduct, which establishes criminal justice, anti-harassment and certain other rules of conduct for ISS crew members. [10] manufactured in 1998. The legal framework for the International Space Station is based on three levels of international cooperation agreements. The Allocation Rights of the European Space Agency (8.3% of space station resources (e.B communications) and 8.3% of crew time, which corresponds to approximately 13 hours per week. With regard to user hosting (e.B laboratories), ESA has entered into an exchange agreement with NASA to use 51% of the European Columbus laboratory in exchange for shuttle transport services. The International Space Station program is bound by a complex set of legal, political and financial agreements between the sixteen countries involved in the project that govern the ownership of the various components, crew and use rights, and responsibilities for crew rotation and supply of the International Space Station.

It was designed in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan during the Space Station Freedom project, as it was originally called. [2] These agreements connect the five space agencies and their respective International Space Station programs and govern how they interact with each other on a daily basis to maintain the station`s operations, from controlling spacecraft traffic at the station to using space and crew time. .