Company Equipment Use Agreement Template

This hourly billing model consists of all the elements necessary to create a business hourly bill and specifies that you can send to your customers or collaborators. With JotForm`s “hour bill” model, you don`t have to manually recreate a document from every time you have a project or task. For this reason, managing the movement and continuation of equipment among employees and workers can be a logistical problem and administrative headaches. While the monetary savings for the company are definitely a bonus, there is also a lack of security and control that comes with the ability for employees to use their own devices. The company cannot monitor its activities or be sure that the company`s information is secure. There is also a blurred line when it comes to the responsibility of the device – it belongs to the employee, but who is responsible for the repair or replacement costs if it is lost when used for work purposes? The form you see on the right is an appropriate template for these device usage agreements. For example: “All corporate real estate must be properly used and maintained in perfect condition. There must be no unauthorized use of devices or software. A Doctor`s Excuse document containing patient information, diagnosis and treatment details with the doctor`s letter to be provided by an employee to his company when he is excused for occupational health reasons. The agreement should also include details on prohibiting the loan of equipment to others, keeping the object in a safe place from heat or liquids, and taking equipment out of the office, if necessary. They may also provide a provision that the company can verify compliance with maintenance rules and that the company can make them financially responsible for the problems posed by inappropriate care. Most likely the shortest section, it will simply detail the impact of possible violations on the operating equipment agreement.

You can vary yourself depending on the violation, and what your company`s disciplinary procedure is usually. You also have a section with the details of the basic loan, usually at the end of the agreement. This often includes the employee`s name, personnel ID, date, date of aircraft assignment and expected return date of equipment. Finally, there will be a place for the employee to sign the agreement. It is also the best part of the agreement to list what is considered company property, from laptops and mobile phones to office chairs and office monitors. Please also describe what electronic devices can be used for and what they cannot be used for if you want employees to keep their personal use to a minimum. Z.B. no personal search or communication for smartphones or tablets and no unauthorized downloads of software on computer. If there are programs that employees may need to download in the future, insert a procedure to obtain this authorization.

The statement should be a few paragraphs in which the employee`s primary responsibility for the company`s equipment is corrected, with the place below for a printed and signed name. In addition, an agreement on the use and return of corporate equipment is a way to put all your company`s rules together on devices in one place. Often, employees can use common sense to find out what is acceptable in a work environment, but it`s always a good idea to have everything written, especially if it`s at the end of an employee`s time with the company and they have ownership of the company to come back.