Uts Enterprise Agreement Professional Staff

The conditions of employment at the UTS are determined by various laws, collective agreements, common law and university police, practice and statutes. 45.6 The agent does not object to an appropriate offer of redeployment or training and can only be converted to a lower ranking index by appointment. The industrial conditions of UTS staff employment are indicated: 45.17 voluntary reduction is calculated in accordance with the table: 45.8 If applicable, the university may offer a trial period (trial period) to an agent, provided that the trial period is not greater than the corresponding notice period. During the trial period, the data protection delegate and the officer will have the opportunity to track the suitability of a position. The university or agent may complete the trial period with a written notification without notice. (c) the control of the staff selected for the reduction; and/or an agent who is proposed and accepts the possibility of reduced notice (a) to overturn the decision to declare the position of agent unnecessary; (d) a 13-week lump sum payment. b) ask the administrator to reconsider the criteria for identifying redundant positions; b) professional transition assistance of up to $2500 (including GST) to be paid upon receipt of the invoice or receipt. University-approved providers will offer support for the career transition; There you go. .

(c) where it is established that the officer can attend school, he or she can provide the necessary training; 18 weeks plus 2 weeks for each additional year of continuous service or in proportion to a portion of it and, if applicable, a maximum of 45.18 weeks, the University will consider a replacement process (“Job Swap”) to allow the exchange of positions between a concerned agent and another permanent employee who has indicated that he may accept a voluntary dismissal. This process is managed on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the manager, staff or manager, employee relations. 45.2 When it has been decided to dismiss a position determined under Term 44, Managing Change in the Workplace, the university will provide the officer with six months for the reduction and the resulting redeployment period (notice period). 45.13 In addition to the reduction, an officer whose position has been dismissed and who does not receive any voluntary redundancy benefit pursuant to paragraphs 45.15 – 45.17, Entitled to: 45.11 If, during the notice, an agent whose position has been dismissed in accordance with point 45 resigns from his job or accepts that a redeployment is not an option, and he is still entitled to payments in the sense of 45.12 plus a payment for the balance of the notice or 4 weeks of salary, as the case may be, the smallest. 45.23 The Examiner reviews, within 10 business days of appointment by the Director, the personnel review documents that are relevant to the decision to declare an unnecessary position. The expert makes a written report on whether: 45.21 The officer who decides to reconsider the dismissal decision must contact the Director of Human Resources within seven working days of receipt of the notice.